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CPS – Straight from China

Independent, flexible and fast

We act independent and flexible. With our flat hierarchies we ensure you direct and short ways, fast response and reasonable conditions.

Years of experience

The owner Jürgen Hellpap knows China and the chinese battery market since 1995 when he started to work for the C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG, a global player from the old hanseatic town Bremen.

In 2003 he founded the China Power Supply company which focussed on batteries of different technologies. Together with the famous battery manufacturers CPS built up mutual trust relations and became a stable role in battery business.

Individual solutions

With our experience, expertise, technical background and market know-how we are able to give individual solutions accomodated to customers demand for different applications. Assistance to your procurement is what we offer.

Light planning services

Since 2016 CPS offers light planning services represented by Maren Lange, light designer with experience from over 20 years.


As we feel responsible for our business partners, quality first is our aim. Respect and understand different cultures and bring them together. Social environment is an important value to everyone.


The culture and spirit of our company base on honesty and respect to customers and partners.

Environmental responsibility

To give future to our children and therefore be careful to our all earth. Grow and work together to bring environmental friendly energy and products to the world.

About China Power Supply

With experience back to the 1990s we know the chinese market.
We excel in flexibility and personal contacts.

About CPS

Enabling customers to cut costs and increase sales and profits with efficient product solutions – this ambitious approach has been the driving force of China Power Supply GmbH from Osterholz-Scharmbeck in Germany.

Founded in 2003, the company can look back on excellent services and products and has established itself as a reliable and, above all, highly flexible alternative to large suppliers. Today, its portfolio boasts a range of batteries, rechargeable batteries and LED lights imported directly from China.

Our customers

Among China Power Supply’s main customers are manufacturers from the lighting industry which focus on safety lights and emergency lighting. In addition, the company supplies its batteries to power tool manufacturers and related service workshops for these industries.

“We get into contact with potential new customers at special fairs like ‘electronica’, where we are present with our own stall,” the managing director Mr. Hellpap says. “Besides that, we are a regular visitor at many fairs. Nevertheless, the first contact is often established via e-mail.”


It was back in the 1990s when Jürgen Hellpap, a graduate in machine engineering and industrial engineering, became active in the Chinese market.

“I became involved in the battery business and could establish long-standing contacts with small manufacturers in China. Looking at these manufacturers of batteries and rechargeable batteries today, I must say that it is really astonishing how they have grown and are now active globally,” points out Mr. Hellpap.

With experienced light designer Maren Lange he offers consulting and planning in lighting systems since 2016.

Competence on import

Since its foundation, China Power Supply has been located in Osterholz-Scharmbeck near Bremen. From its premises, the company imports batteries, rechargeable batteries and LED lights for all types of applications.

“Most of our products directly come from China. I know many manufacturers personally and know their portfolio. Thus, I can decide on the right batteries and the appropriate equipment,” states Mr. Hellpap.

Battery technology

The focus of China Power Supply is on NiCd rechargeable batteries and NiMH rechargeable batteries. There is a clear trend towards lithium batteries, and here in particular on lithium iron phosphate cells.

“Lithium iron phosphate cells are much safer in terms of flammability,” says Mr. Hellpap. “We are closely observing the latest trends in this segment to translate the requirements imposed by our customers. I personally think that our future expansion will be closely related to ongoing developments in the field of lithium rechargeable batteries and their applications. In this context, renewable energy will open up interesting new options for the future.”

Global competitor

No doubt, China Power Supply faces competition from large battery manufacturers that primarily supply large customers. “We have truly found our niche and excel in flexibility and personal contacts. This is what differentiates us in the global market. We have set up a network of suppliers and customers and offer individual solutions that incorporate small serial production,” points out Mr. Hellpap.

“We have access to all types of batteries, rechargeable batteries and various LED lights.” In order to complete its portfolio of flexible solutions, China Power Supply operates a small warehouse with standard sizes for fast delivery.

Some of our Products!

We offer all kinds of battery technologies and LED lighting solutions, specialized in safety lights and rechargeable batteries.


Ni-MH High Temperature 2×18700 Pack
Ni-MH 9V Block
Ni-MH 3xAAA Pyramide
Ni-MH 3xAA Pack
Ni-MH High Temperature 2xSC Pack
Ni-Cd High Temperature 4xD Stick
Ni-Cd High Temperature Packs
Ni-Cd High Power C + 4/5SC shrinking foil
Ni-Cd High Power C + 4/5SC shrinking foil + paper wrapped
Ni-MH HT 2x2AA Battery stick
Ni-Cd HT 3xAA Pack + Stick
Li Primary Batteries 14250 + CR123A + 26500
Alkaline AA + D

LED lights

LED Down Light 14
LED Down Light 13
LED Down Light 12
LED Down Light 11
LED Down Light 10
LED Down Light 09
LED Down Light 08
LED Down Light 07
LED Down Light 06
LED Down Light 05
LED Down Light 04
LED Down Light 03
LED Down Light 02
LED Down Light 01
LED High Bay Light with reflector
LED High Bay Light
LED Linear Light
LED Linear Light System
LED Flood Light round
LED Flood Light square
LED Wall Washer
LED Spot Light square
LED Spot Light 1W
LED Spot Light 3W
LED Tracking Light
LED Down Light Shop
LED Pendant Light
LED Deko Down Light
LED Panel Light flexible
LED Panel fix
LED fix strip – 45°
LED fix strip – Top view
LED flexible strip
CPS Product 15

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It is above all the personal approach and the ability to react flexible on customer requirements that has earned China Power Supply a competitive role in a highly competitive market.