Alkaline AA + D
Li-Ion 18650 + 26650
Ni-MH High Temperature 2×18700 Pack
Ni-MH 9V Block
Ni-MH 3xAAA Pyramide
Ni-MH 3xAA Pack
Ni-MH High Temperature 2xSC Pack
Ni-Cd High Temperature 4xD Stick
Ni-Cd High Temperature Packs
Ni-Cd High Power C + 4/5SC shrinking foil
Ni-Cd High Power C + 4/5SC shrinking foil + paper wrapped
Ni-MH HT 2x2AA Battery stick
Ni-Cd HT 3xAA Pack + Stick
Li Primary Batteries 14250 + CR123A + 26500

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