Independent, flexible and fast

We act independent and flexible. With our flat hierarchies we ensure you direct and short ways, fast response and reasonable conditions.

Years of experience

The owner Jürgen Hellpap knows China and the chinese battery market since 1995 when he started to work for the C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG, a global player from the old hanseatic town Bremen.

In 2003 he founded the China Power Supply company which focussed on batteries of different technologies. Together with the famous battery manufacturers CPS built up mutual trust relations and became a stable role in battery business.

Individual solutions

With our experience, expertise, technical background and market know-how we are able to give individual solutions accomodated to customers demand for different applications. Assistance to your procurement is what we offer.


As we feel responsible for our business partners, quality first is our aim. Respect and understand different cultures and bring them together. Social environment is an important value to everyone.


The culture and spirit of our company base on honesty and respect to customers and partners.

Environmental responsibility

To give future to our children and therefore be careful to our all earth. Grow and work together to bring environmental friendly energy and products to the world.

Light planning services

In the field of LED Lighting we closely work together with the lighting expert Ms. Maren Lange. She got rich experience as a lighting designer and lighting planner and developer in different projects and aims for over 20 years.
Her competences range from private living rooms lighting, garden to architectural lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, street and parking areas lighting to mega yacht lighting.

The highest quality demands in lighting for ships in inner and outer areas formed her personal aspiration of quality. Flexible light in rooms requires light scenes planning and controlling which we also offer. The different functions of light are considered as well as the needs of the individuals in different application situations. Lighting for public housings, streets and parking areas, sports halls and stadiums, care facilities and medical practises were planned under regard of necessary rules or norms.

Normally the conception is done with standard series products but also product development according to customer demands as well as delivery of special lights are possible.

The longlasting experience from Ms. Maren Lange is reflected into the high product quality and the rich product range of CPS.

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It is above all the personal approach and the ability to react flexible on customer requirements that has earned China Power Supply a competitive role in a highly competitive market.

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